WhatsApp Free Calls in Future Updates and How It Will Work

WhatsApp, one of the leading messaging applications, has begun releasing new features for iOS and Android smartphones. The update will focus on quicker photo sharing and group texting feature function.

The new update will extend the ‘mute’ functionality from existing 8hr, 1day or 1 week to 1 month or a year. It is also possible to deactivate the notifications from any particular group. So far, people could receive silent notifications, but from here on, this feature can be disabled.

It has already released updates for iOS devices, such as improved chat archiving and location sharing. The new feature asks permission to use the microphone to record videos, send voice messages, and receive or make calls. Whatsapp has been working on voice calling feature from quite long; this particular update will be released soon for Android users. You need to go to Settings, then Privacy, and Microphone to flip the slider off.

Presently, it has more than 600M users across the world and when this voice calling feature gets added, it’s sure to raise the competition in the market. Moreover, new camera icon will be added for easier capture and share functionality. Users don’t have to go through the attachment files to tap the camera icon.

Recently, it bought the update where users were able to hide ‘last seen’, status, and display picture. The new update will be something beyond this and advanced features are expected to be added through privacy settings. It also added the option to save or share display or group icon and payment and now, it’s also possible to pay for friend’s whatapp access.

New Updates

Facebook has acquired Whatsapp; the voice calling feature will be soon available on iOS, Blackberry, Android, and Windows platforms very soon. It is noteworthy to say, it will incorporate features, such as improved camera, locating, and sharing. It is yet to make official declaration that it has added a pop-up that seeks authorization to access the microphone when the application is opened. Long back, voice calling was known as web leaks, but now, it comes within the application itself.

In case of iOS user, you can also share video shots from the phone; it’s possible to trim the clips in the app. A new feature, called Snapchat-like caption will be added to archive groups, images, and chats.  It works very well on iOS beta 8, without crashing at all.

The new update will run successfully on all platforms; depending on the operating system, one can download the app from the specific store. It’s also possible to use Whatsapp on PCs, provided you download BlueStacks.

How to Backup Messages?

It’s possible to accidentally delete messages from anyone; like pictures, these conversations would be memorable. Whatsapp lets users to make a backup of conversation history. The default application will automatically create backup of chats, messages, media files, and preserves them in Whatsapp folder, micro SD card, or specified internal memory. The video backup function isn’t added yet and it won’t be a surprise to see this facility soon.

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