WhatsApp Plus for PCs and Smartphones  

Since the introduction of WhatsApp, it has been releasing a lot of good features. So now, what’s this WhatsApp Plus? Is it worth upgrading to this new version or continue with the original series.

The modified version has been created by Spanish developers; the first 2-years subscription is free; it is also known as WhatsApp Plus Holo and WhatsApp+. The original version has green icon, while Plus has blue icon.

Installing Plus is quite simple; however, for this you need to remove the original; there is no problem in installing the newer version, but the real question is if it is worth deleting the original?

Let’s look at the functions being offered by WhatsApp Plus; using the present application, you can send messages, share videos, pictures, and voice records. It’s been said that Plus version is customized and new features, which aren’t included in the original application.

How it’s Different from WhatsApp?

WhatsApp features a translucent interface; users can have a transparent status and navigation bar. It also has a host of other features not currently available in WhatsApp. The most important feature here is the ability to change the look and feel, by adding visual themes or styles. Themes are in-built and are available in over 700 styles, which can be sorted out by version, name, date, and downloads. The themes can be added at the background of the chat, colors of the texts and bar as well as contact list.

The recent version comes with several customization options and many other additional features as well. If you want to personalize WhatsApp interface or account, you can modify the notification icon, look of chat screen, etc. Anyway, there are many themes to choose to suit whatsapp interface, your taste, and needs.

At first glance, it’s very easy to distinguish the newer version, as it has a translucent interface that’s been adopted from 4.4 Kitkat. It helps users to have a transparent navigation and status bar that can be personalized using different colors. There are many options to customize everything, such as account, interface, etc.

Using It on PC and Smartphone

 WhatsApp Plus isn’t available for download at app stores; however, you can get it from the official site of developer. It’s easy to download, install, and use as well. Before you get this, you need to backup older chats (look for ‘save conversation’ option in settings). Then, uninstall the original and install Plus.

In order to use it on PC, you’ll require Android emulator and a system, which runs on Windows or Mac and of course an internet connection. Download emulator, WhatsApp Plus app, and complete the installation process on PC.

It also has many emoticons, such as Google Hangout’s smiley; with existing one, you can hide the last seen time, but with this you can also hide being online status. You can compress the files from 2 to 50MB, without compromising on the quality and size of videos and pictures.

WhatsApp Plus lets you to do so much more with a range of features.

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